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Caddy™ System

The Caddy™ system offers a quality water fed window cleaning system.


Ionic ZERO System

In 1997, Ionic Systems introduced The Reach & Wash® System. The Zero System uses clean water with zero parts per million (0ppm) to provide the best spot-free results.


Quattro System

The Quattro System can consistently and efficiently produce an ample supply of pure water at excellent pressure thanks to its powerful booster pump.


Task™ 2 Trolley System

TASK™ 2. New for 2016, this trolley is designed to get in where a vehicle would struggle, offering greater power, efficiency and flexibility.


Task™ Trolley System

The TASK™ trolley is designed to get in where a vehicle would struggle, this portable systems is useful for all situations.



The Thermo Delivery system from Ionic systems is the ideal solution for those who want to benefit from the use of heater water, but who don’t need water treatment in the vehicle (or those who live in a soft-water area)


V4 System

Simple Systems for straight-forward cleaning. Since being introduced, the Reach & Wash® System has undergone a number of revisions. V4 represents the latest, fourth generation of the Reach & Wash® vehicle-mount.


V4™ Static System

The V4 Static system is simplicity itself. 4-stage water treatment comprises Carbon, Sediment, Reverse Osmosis and De-ionising filters.


X5™ System

Ideal for exterior window cleaning, solar panel and façade cleaning at any site were there is ready access to both mains water and power.


Zero™ Static System

ZERO™ Static systems, like their vehicle-mounted counterparts, are highly advanced machines with many automated features.


Showing all 10 results

Pure water cleaning systems and window cleaning equipment for, vehicle mounting, portable mobility or static installation.

Our systems offer the best in quality and performance, with solutions to cater to all applications.

With Ionic Systems Australia’s products you can expand your business, service offerings and efficiency without compromise.

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