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Ionic ZERO System

In 1997, Ionic Systems introduced The Reach & Wash® System. The Zero System uses clean water with zero parts per million (0ppm) to provide the best spot-free results.



The Thermo Delivery system from Ionic systems is the ideal solution for those who want to benefit from the use of heater water, but who don’t need water treatment in the vehicle (or those who live in a soft-water area)


V4 System

Simple Systems for straight-forward cleaning. Since being introduced, the Reach & Wash® System has undergone a number of revisions. V4 represents the latest, fourth generation of the Reach & Wash® vehicle-mount.


Showing all 3 results

Vehicle-mounted systems incorporate water-treatment filters and a large water tank so that a supply of pure water is always available, wherever a window cleaner needs to go. Without the need for an external water or power supply, vehicl-mounted systems are the most flexible and practical solution to many high-level cleaning situations.

The size of the systems vary from a small 300-litre system, to those that can carry up to 1,000 litres. Ionic has a wide range of vehicle-mounted system configurations to suit all businesses and budgets.

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