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Published: June 4, 2019

On time performance is what every airline strives for. Ionic Systems in conjunction with Aviall sales and distribution, now wants to give Airline Operators, Aircraft Maintenance Crews and Systems a choice, and the options in safer ways to preform various cleaning tasks in a majority of cases safely from the ground. By using Ionic Equipment, Airline operators can reduce the hazards of working at heights, along with potential lost time injuries or external damage instances. In the near future, Aviall will be introducing the range of Ionic equipment to airlines around the globe, which is expected to have a positive impact to safety for the industry. The range of systems, equipment, some portable and others vehicle mounted, include external cleaning equipment for Aircraft Wet and Dry Washing, Windscreen Cleaning Kits, Pure Water for Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Washing to obtain Maximum EGT Margin Gains, and still more under the Aviation banner. For more information about any of our Systems at Ionic, please drop me an email: gordon@ionicsystems.com.au

Or catch me in Australia at Ionic Systems Australia @ www.ionicsystems.com.au

UK Head Office Ionic Systems www.ionicsystems.com

If you would like to start browsing the range, log on to the Boeing Shop

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