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Since 1997 we have manufactured high-quality water treatment filtration systems for a wide variety of applications. Our unified and modular approach to filtration, give unprecedented flexibility and interconnectivity. The result is an equipment range that has a vast array of applications in the aviation sector.

From concept to delivery; our focus on ‘Quality without Compromise’ is the reason that Ionic is now a trusted global brand that exports to over a hundred countries and territories worldwide.

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task2 system clean aircraft windscreen, aviation safety is our priority


The Task 75 and telescopic waterfed pole kit gives the ability to clean aircraft windscreens from the ground without the use of Elevated work platforms and stands. This means:

  • Reduced risk of damage to the aircraft skin, pitot probes, AOA (Angle of attach vanes).
  • Reduced injury risk to maintenance staff. Cleaning from the safety of the ground means removal of the risks associated with hanging out cockpit sliding windows, falling from height, body trauma to individuals in tight confined spaces.
  • No need to distract the flight crew when doing theirpre-flight cockpit checks.
  • Reduced risk to staff from manual handling of large portable stands
  • Hot water options for removing contaminants i.e. kerosine & pollutant film from glass with ease.
  • Work up to 150 meters from the system.


From Static and Vehicle Mounted systems to Portable water filtration equipment, we can provide a filtration system to cater for your local environmental water conditions, providing water for your engine compressor wash rigs.

Our ‘Zero’ Thermopure will provide continuous hot/warm water with a two positon selection switch, allowing you to produce hot or warm water for compressor washing on demand.

Regular engine compressor washing or scheduled through “trend monitoring” gives the aircraft operator and owners the advantages of:

  • Preventing loss of engine performance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Increased engine life.
  • Savings in fuel costs.

aircraft turbine blades

cleaning external engine casing


Our systems can be used to supply water from a static set up, portable or van mounted on site equipment. The waterfed poles can be used to keep operators feet firmly and safely on the ground.

  • Reduced need for elevated work platforms and stands.
  • Reduced EWP usage lowers the risk of impact damage.
  • A dirt/dust free fuselage has bottom line effects on aircraft fuel performance and costs.
  • A clean aircraft will allow maintenance staff to carry out more through inspections.
  • A clean aircraft gives your customers, internal and external, a good and professional impression.
  • Waterfed poles in conjunction with a pump application can be used to apply approved chemicals directly to areas that need degreasing and heavy oil breakdown. This reduces exposure to operators from chemicals when sprayed or misted.
  • Mobile units (Van mounted) will allow operators to clean aircraft in remote locations.
  • Reduce salt deposits, aiding corrosion prevention.


Our portable, static and vehicle mounted systems allow users to produce pure water for direct use on-site and clean from the safety of the ground. We can provide equipment to clean all applications Airside.

Many situations Airside require water-treatment to be on-hand, and for those situations Ionic Airside Cleaning systems are the ideal choice. Our systems can produce thousands of litres of quality pure water daily up to 18 megohm (0ppb). Our equipment is compact and mobile and can be taken almost anywhere.

At Ionic, we’ve been manufacturing specialist water-treatment solutions for over two decades, so no matter what your application is, we can supply a machine that will fit the bill!

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2019 Aircraft Cleaning Systems

2018 and our solutions continue with an equipment range that has a vast array of applications in the aviation sector.


2019 Airside Cleaning Systems

2018 and our solutions continue with an equipment range that has a vast array of applications in the aviation sector.


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