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Best Way to Clean Your Gutters | Gutter Vacuum with SkyVac | Be safe

Published: May 30, 2021

Compilation Two, a great way to see a numbers of gutter cleaning aspects in an Australian environment. In Australia we have many challenges when vacuuming gutters.

  • Roof Tiles and Iron overhanging too far over guttering
  • Pine Needles
  • Gum Leaves and Twigg’s
  • Large Maple leaves
  • Gutter Brackets and
  • Working at Heights

SkyVac has an array of products, being vacuum systems both electric and petrol. The accessories that accompany each gutter vacuum system allows to adapt to different challenges. Vacuum poles can be standard push fit or the latest being Elite clamped fit. The Elite vacuum poles seen in the video have many adaptations in regards to goosenecks, being the new standard Hair Pin, as well as the 90 degree and 180 degree. The base pole you will see in the video is super important with vacuum release inbuilt into the section. Reach height of vacuum poles stretches to 12 meters allowing access around most residential and low commercial properties.

In the videos you will see in addition camera systems. The NEW Real Time camera, and soon to be released recordable, give a great picture with no hassle connection. SkyVac new SurveyCam camera system also available is the next generation in wireless cameras, with function not seen before in a HD picture.

Prospective new customers and clients often ask about our limited Gutter Vacuum Hire facility. The few within the business are very popular and often need bookings well in advance.

Our main Australian site has a lot more information in regards to all products from SkyVac (SkyVac Australia) The site covers both gutter vacuums, high reach vacuum systems and the Atex range. If you would like to see more in depth the video break down from this compilation make sure you check out our local You Tube channel “Blue tongue Industries” here you will see, many more gutter cleaning videos, plus others brands being functioned tested from Ionic Systems.

Last updated: May 31 2021

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