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Claber- Everything is simple with Claber. Just like water itself.

Published: February 16, 2019

Since 1969 this Italian based company has strived to produce quality, design, and a selection of products, across irrigation, hoses, hose fittings and water control systems. The diverse range of hose and reel products see’s many industries, use and rely on the large selection of Claber products.

Everyone can find the right solution for their needs with Claber’s extensive above-ground irrigation range.
The pistols and spray nozzles not only have a
cutting-edge design, but they are also efficient and comfortable to hold, made of materials that guarantee perfect grip.
The sprinklers are lightweight yet sturdy, designed to last over time and handy to adjust.
This makes them perfect for any garden or green space. Our hoses are made of first choice materials and can be used with our extensive range of hose reels, helping you move freely around your garden.
Our automatic couplings, easy-to-install in a quick click, meet all the most common connection needs, ensuring no water waste.
Claber products not only look great, but are also
handy and easy to use, making watering a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

What do you want to water? We have the solution for every plant
Claber looks after all your green or flowering plants, making it easy and without wasting water.

Indoor Plants, on Balconies & Terraces, Vegetable Patches & in the Garden.
A vast and innovative choice of irrigation products, in three specific ranges. Above-ground irrigation, Drip irrigation, Underground irrigation
Everything is simple with Claber. Just like water itself.

Claber has always been at the forefront for its above-ground irrigation hoses, offering high quality and non-toxic products.
These hoses are made of carefully selected, non-recycled materials with no heavy metals or phthalates, safeguarding your health and the environment. They are also all UV and algae resistant. Handiness, endurance and great aesthetics are guaranteed: Claber can make a difference.

The Quick-Click® connectors offer the best in terms of practicality and durability. They are resistant to knocks, weathering and UVA rays, as well as to high pressure. The spring inside – patented by Claber – withstands up to 1.5 million clicks without breaking. They also offer excellent compatibility as they have a standard pitch used around the world.

Claber offers the most comprehensive range of hose reels and carts for all of your needs in the garden or on your patio or terrace. Versatile, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre, they are also available as a kit, complete with hose, spray nozzle and accessories, with a metal structure for top performance.
Thanks to their compact size, Claber hose reels are the ideal solution for small and medium-sized gardens and terraces or put to work in a busy environment like tradies ute or van.
Their unmistakable design is also multi-purpose, as they can be used on the ground or mounted on the wall.
Lightweight, stable and easy to manoeuvre, they can be assembled in a flash, without any tools. They also come in a kit complete with hose, accessories and a spray nozzle or pistol.

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We bring the very best Italian quality and put it into gardens
around the world.


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