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Cleaning Australian Heritage

Published: March 21, 2022

Maintenance, both preventative, and proactive, looking after some of Australian most rich in history Heritage buildings. SkyVac Australia products (www.skyvacaustralia.com.au) for both external gutter cleaning and internal high dusting make the task at hand very sustainable and safe for the operators.

The elimination in nearly all cases makes inspections and guttering cleaning, easy from the ground. Walking around on old roofs or putting ladders up against unknown structures with mature gardens, adds complexity to any gutter cleaning task.

We at Skyvac Australia and Ionic Systems Australia and grateful to be involved with the National Trust. Working with such a prestigious organization, to maintain and preserve Australian Heritage, is an absolute privilege.

The petrol SkyVac Interceptor makes it easy with access, maneuverability and carrying out the cleaning tasks at hand. High-reach internal vacuums, eliminate dust and cobwebs at height without the need for scaffolding and ladders.

Below are a few pictures supplied from some of the fabulous locations.

The Heights 

The Heights, built-in 1854 and prefabricated in Hamburg, Germany, is Victoria’s largest dwelling of its sort.

It was built to order in Germany and then shipped to Australia in 1855 for industrialist Charles Ibbotson. The Heights is Victoria’s largest prefabricated home. It was handed to the National Trust by the last owner in 1975 after being owned by three generations of the same family. Explore this one-of-a-kind property that has kept many of its mid-nineteenth-century characteristics. The stables, water tower, groom’s cottage, and dovecote have all been restored to their former state.

House of Waller (circa 1922).

Murals, mosaics, and stained glass paintings by Napier and Christian Waller decorate important Melbourne structures, and their work is featured in major Australian galleries. As a tribute, their Ivanhoe house and studio have been preserved.

The life and career of prominent Australian muralist, mosaicist, and stained glass artist Napier Waller are often linked to the history of Waller House. However, nothing is known about the women who also labored under these confines. While pursuing her own successful business, Christian Waller worked with her husband to build this magnificent Arts and Crafts style home.

Immerse yourself in the lives of individuals who lived, created, loved, and lost in Waller House with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

Como House and Garden 

Como is Melbourne’s most opulent stately mansion, so immerse yourself in its history and splendor.

Como House and Garden, built-in 1847, is an unusual blend of Australian Regency and classic Italianate design.

The past owners, the Armytage family, lived there for over a century, and Como provides a peek into their luxurious existence.

The Armytages became well-known among Melbourne’s upper crust, as well as for their numerous beautiful dances, dinners, and receptions. Even the servant’s quarters, kitchen, and laundry have been preserved, and the beautiful dining and reception rooms are still decorated with Armytage family relics.

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