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Crash Testing Barriers

Crash testing development in progress

Crash Testing Barrier 100% Impact Tests

Following these tests and the chassis design and installation changes that resulted, 100% impact barrier tests at 31.1mph were conducted as required for FMVSS-208 certification.

Test 1: Reach & Wash® System

Speed: 50km/hr (31.1mph)

Machine: 1,000 litre Ionic Systems Pro-5 (FULL)

Test Result: PASS


As expected, the damage to the front of the vehicle was severe, but the machine remained securely in place.

Test 2: Competitors System

Speed: 50km/hr (31.1mph)

Machine: (Competitor’s System)

Test Result: FAIL


To illustrate the need for crash-testing and the very real danger that exists, Thatcham Research conducted a comparative test using a competitors system.

As you can see, the machine failed to stay anchored to the vehicle, and in an accident would have caused severe injury or even death to the driver and passengers.

As a result of this crash testing programme, Ionic Systems were awarded FMVSS-208 certification for their systems and remain the ONLY manufacturer to achieve this standard.

Last updated: November 2, 2019