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Q. Will the windows be cleaned to a good standard?
Q. How does the cleaner know that the window is thoroughly cleaned when they can’t see the window close up?
Q. Compared to sectional poles what are benefits of telescopic Reach & Wash® waterfed pole system?
Q. How high do the waterfed poles reach?
Q. How does The Reach & Wash® system clean without detergent?

How to Back Wash a Water Softener

The importance of proper maintenance of water softeners will allow the long term jevity of a reverse osmosis filters.


How to Remove a John Guest Fitting JG

Ionic Systems filtration systems are assembled with John Guest fittings and plumbing. Understanding how to disassemble, remove and reinstall these fittings will allow ongoing maintenance of your portable DI resin, Portable Reverve Osmosis Systems and Vehicle Mounted Delivery and Full Reverse Osmosis Equipment and Systems.


How to Change DI Resin with a DI Resin Vessel

Tips and tricks with replacing DI Resin in a DI Resin Vessel. This is a step by step guide on how to replaced your contaminated expired DI or Softening Resins.  One caution to be noted is that the resin spherical beads if spilled onto a hard surface become very slippers and a trip hazard !


How to Change a 4040 Reverse Osmosis Filter

Knowing how to change a 4040  RO Reverse Osmosis filter will not be a regular event. Currently Ionic Systems have these filters installed on the Pure20 range of vehicle mounted equipment. This is a step by step guide on how to replace a 4040 RO membrane.


How to use an Ionic Pump Controller

Tips, Tricks and How To Use and Ionic Systems Controller. These controllers are found across the range of Ionic Systems equipment from portable delivery units to fixed Van Mounted Filtration and Delivery Systems in the Ionic and Pure20 Range.


How to use a Zero Pump Controller

Our bench mark of systems, the Zero Controller has many functions and also has the ability of water control both flow variations and on/off via remote controls.


How to change a PPM Filter

Knowing how to change filters elements in your Ionic Systems will allow ongoing maintenance for the life of your equipment. The filters elements differ across each stage of filtration with different filter medium, but the replacement process is similar to all housings. On stainless steel housings the tolerances are closer as the systems run at higher pressures. Tips and tricks in these instances in removing filter elements in stainless housings, are to connect a water source at tap pressure to the bottom of a housing with the cap removed and allowing this water pressure to push the filter elements out.




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