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Great Deal on “Business in a Box” Window Cleaning Systems

Published: February 2, 2018

Ionic Systems are cutting costs and removing the need to permanently tie a vehicle to a mounted Window Cleaning System.

The smart new trailers allow a business to free up a Van and mount one of our many suited Window Washing systems within. The trailers are purpose built to allow complete protection and security of your equipment. Large flat modern lines allow ample space for sign writing to stand out when within a crowd.  There is even room to carry additional hose reels or even a gutter vacuum kit.

The trailers will comfortably carry a 600 lts System, and that can be chosen from our range including the Zero, V4 or Portage. The addition of ThermoPure hot hater can also be included.  Make any job easy with your fully equipped trailer systems. Your business will be able to tackle window and building facade cleaning with easy.

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