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Gutter Cleaning | Implications on Insurance

Published: April 18, 2021

Have you ever read your full insurance policy PDS statements ?

The implications of water damage and ingress, can and does cause millions of dollars in damages and claims each year in Australia, did you know ?

Lets talk about how a settlement could be affected by dirty full gutters, lack of maintenance, or no previous history on cleaning or maintenance programs. Lets see how prevention and planning with purpose gutter cleaning equipment from Ionic Systems Australia and SkyVac Australia, can help alleviate frustration, and give structure to carrying out these sometimes difficult cleaning tasks.

Implications of not carrying out Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Vacuuming

Let’s firstly get an understanding of how gutters, pits and drains are vacuumed and cleaned, with the below video,

Lets see how gutters are cleaned safely

Blocked and overflowing gutters will restrict water flow from your property. Gutters are designed to disperse water away from your home. In some cases on newer homes direct water to pits or the front kerb side of the property. Older home guttering may exit to lawn or garden areas. When leaf matter builds in you gutters and down pipes, it will affect the ability to safely quickly remove and capture this water to a designated area. Guttering and spouting around homes and businesses range in height from single stories to heights well above that often stays uninspected by many. SkyVac vacuum systems and wireless camera systems make it easy to carry out a gutter cleaning task or inspection safely from the ground.

A guttering and downpipe system that may be full of leaf matter, dirt and mud, and in the extreme circumstances growing plants and weeds, when subject to heavy rain, and that big deluge will not perform as intended, and water can and does overflow if not able to follow its designated path, overflowing gutters can often push water back up and under the roof sheeting and soffit’s. Gutters can deteriorate, rust holes form, and if drains are blocked, water can pool around a house, with possible implications to the structural design of a property or building.

Often its not until the damage occurs that building owners become aware of the importance of having the gutters cleaned and gutter the vacuuming process performed.


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Will you be covered buy Insurance if you have dirty full guttering. Extracts from AAMI

Knowing exactly what is in your insurance PDS documents is paramount, when engaging with an insurance company.

For example AAMI PDS, clear statements that make you aware of obligations, in regards to maintenance. Example of extracts below, make it clearly defined.

Escape of liquid Impact but we do not cover wear and tear, or loss or
damage caused by the escape of liquid occurring as a result of a gradual process of bursting,
leaking, splashing, dripping or overflowing over a period of time when you could reasonably be
expected to be aware of this condition.
We do not cover loss or damage caused by flood under this insured event.”

So if as above water “overflows” then it is clear that this condition may not be covered.

Does your home insurance cover blocked gutters? Suncorp Insurance

When it comes to home maintenance, your roof gutters may not be at the top of your list. But falling autumn leaves and heavy winter rains can combine to damage your house (and your hip pocket). It’s good to know what you’re covered for when it comes to damage to your home.

Are you covered for damage caused by blocked gutters?

With Suncorp Home Insurance your property is covered for a range of insured events, including water damage.

Understanding your PDS is very important as we see with all insurance companies, and often we have clear defined statements that are to make us aware of our obligations as a home owner in regards to preventative maintenance.

What you’re not covered for

Your home is not covered from damages caused by blocked gutters when:

an escape of liquid happens as a result of a gradual process of leaking, splashing, dripping or overflowing over a period of time when you haven’t taken appropriate measures to fix the issue, or

any wear and tear happens to your gutters that causes damages your home. Most gutters have a limited lifespan. Therefore, they might need repairing or replacing. Doing this can help to prevent problems and give you a strong basis if you had to make a claim for damages to your home.”

How can you protect your home or business

Ladder access and working at height imposes its own risks and if not carried out correctly can and does have statistics that should make you think safe about working at heights. Instigating a regular maintenance program will have positive effects both from a water damage preventative measure and a fire ready prospective. SkyVac Australia and in corporation with Ionic Systems Australia have solutions that allow operators to clean gutters and gutter inspections up to four stories from the ground. Systems to suit home owners, businesses, corporations or a professional cleaning or specific gutter cleaning companies. Prevention is better than dealing with some severe end results and consequences.

Author about us

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Information in general is guidance and advice of a general nature and does not look at a persons general or businesses situation, both financial or any particular objectives or defined requirements. You should always read the Product Disclosure Statements and the Product Information Documents, before purchasing your insurance products.

Last updated: May 25 2021

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