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Gutter Vacuum Systems Never Been So Affordable

Published: January 27, 2018

Don’t wait any longer. Now is the time that every small cleaning business should be looking ahead.

As  we are enjoying a fantastic summer, a small business needs to prepare for the coming months with a cooler wetter climate.

Gutter Vacuum kits and equipment are an affordable way that a business can add as a bolt on to an existing organisation.

Our easy to buy finance schemes with Rent to Buy allow you to manage you cash flow and treat cautiously while investing into your businesses future.

The Gutter Cleaning and Vacuum Systems come in a variation of reach heights from 6m kits all the way up to 12 meters. It allows an operator to keep there feet firmly on the ground, with the light weight carbon fibre 50mm tubes. When working around power lines or track-side Ionic Systems also have non conductive poles to increase safety.

Added advantages can see your business, use the gutter vacuum equipment and systems to carry out high internal vacuuming from the safety of the ground eliminating the need to use elevated work platforms.

Bolt on accessories to our systems also allow wireless cameras kits and carbon fibre poles to carry out inspections and monitor works while under progress.

There are three levels within our selection, and all have different rates of airflow and suction. Let us talk to you about your possible needs and requirements.

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