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How The Reach And Wash System Is Installed, Window Cleaning.

Published: April 4, 2019

How The Reach And Wash System Is Installed, Window and Exterior Cleaning Pure Water System.

The importance of correct installation is very important to the owner and operator of any window cleaning
fully fitted out van.
The whole importance of testing is to promote Safety and not sales. There has been many instances of accidents globally
with one sadly reported fatality resulting from a poorly installed tank. Some insurance agents are asking for certificates
to prove that the installed water fed pole system has been tested to the FMVSS208 safety standard.

The complete installation including surface protection of the floor takes on average four to five days in any particular
pure water van mounted window cleaning system in Australia.

Our facility in Melbourne has purpose built equipment for installation, but never fear we can still, as we have carried out
installations in local areas like Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra over the last decade.

The planning, execution, and installation has us as a business keeping every window cleaning company at the forefront of safety.
Safety factors up to 10 to 1 have been calculated to maintain this factor.

When you think window cleaning supplies and equipment in Australia, rest assured you are dealing with the market leaders
in the cleaning sector.

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