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Hard water is a very common problem, affecting water in more than 85% of the country.

It is a result of the dissolved minerals calcium, magnesium and manganese.

With increased occurrences of these minerals, it is becoming more important to understand the water you are working with and consuming.

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What is Hard Water?

The simple definition of 'hard water' is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in any given volume of water, often measured in parts per million (ppm).

What does 'TDS LEVEL' mean?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water.

Signs of Hard Water

Water can look clear and often it can be difficult to see hard water depending on its chemical composition. For this reason, proper testing should be completed by a qualified professional to ensure correct readings are taken.

Common signs that you may have a hard water problem can be from the following:

  • Stiff, dingy laundry.
  • Mineral deposits on dishes and glassware.
  • High soap usage & need for fabric softeners.
  • Dry, itchy skin and scalp.
  • Unmanageable hair.
  • Extra work to remove soap curd from bathtubs & shower areas.
  • High energy costs, possibly due to scale build-up in pipes and on appliances.
  • Scale build up in sinks, tubs, faucets & appliances.

How can I test my water?

A TDS meter measures the total amount of minerals and impurities in your water.

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Water levels explained.

TDS Levels indicate impurity levels but how does this information help with the management and filtration of water for cleaning?

Soft Water
0 - 100 TDS

Soft water is generally ideal for human consumption and while impurity levels are still low, use of water for cleaning can still produce streaks and spotting. TDS readings generally over 8ppm will leave residue on your surface.

Slightly Hard Water
101 - 200 TDS

Slightly Soft water is generally ideal for human consumption and while impurity levels are still low the use of water for cleaning is not recommended without filtering. DI resin systems will have very limited life within this range and have high running costs. Reverse Osmosis within these levels will provide extremely low running costs.

Moderately Hard Water
201 - 300 TDS

Moderately Soft water is generally ideal for human consumption and while impurity levels are still low, use of water for cleaning requires filtration. Within this range Resverse Osmosis filtration with added pre-softeners will provide an exonomical way to produce pure water. DI resin systems within this range is not recommended due to high running costs.

Hard Water
300+ TDS

Hard water while still able to be used for consumption will generally require some level of filtration prior to usage, through the use of an inline water filter. These levels are only suited to Reverse Osmosis filtration. Depending on the water quantity produced, single or multiple softeners may be required prior to filtration.

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