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Ionic Aircraft Cleaning

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Start date:
April 25, 2017
End date:
April 27, 2017

Aviation Week MRO Americas

Orange County Convention Centre
9800 International Drive

Florida 32819
United States

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Ionic Aircraft Cleaning Systems and water supply.

What does more than 20 years in mechanical aviation and the joint venture with a division of the cleaning industry have in common ? The penny dropped the day I joined a team that makes any production line in aviation look and think twice. That is what I thought when I first walked into the factory of Ionic Systems UK a few years ago. It was like stepping back in time to a major airlines that use to do all work “in-house”. From design, testing, manufacture and to distribution all controlled under the remarkable hands of Craig Mawlam and Reuben Reynolds, Ionic Systems now meets Aviation.

Eliminating risk in Aviation has major consequences with Aircraft damage and serviceability. Risk and human factors can also impact on people involved and personal injury.

Ionic systems has one main objective. That is to Reduce RISK. Our main aims and initial focus will be,

Windscreen Cleaning
.- The ability to clean windscreens from the ground without or reduced use of Elevated Work Platforms and Stands.

– Reduce the risk associated with damage to the aircraft skin, pitot probes, AOA (Angle of attach vanes)

– Reduces the risk to maintenance staff of personal injury, due to hanging out cockpit sliding windows, falling from height, body trauma to individual’s backs in tight confined spaces.

– Don’t annoy and distract flight crew when they are doing cockpit pre-flight checks.

– Reduce risk to staff from manual handling of large portable stands.

2. Engine Compressor Washing- Water Supply Equipment.

From Static Systems to Vehicle Mounted Systems water filtration equipment. We can provide a filtration system to cater for your local environmental water conditions. Providing water for your engine compressor wash rigs.

· The Zero Thermo Pure will provide continuous hot/warm water with a two positon selection switch. When your engine manufacturer, your maintenance manual or local company procedures requires hot/warm water for compressor washing you will be able to make it on demand.

– Regular engine compressor washing or scheduled through “trend monitoring” gives the aircraft operator and owners the added advantages of:

• Preventing loss of stall and performance (EGT)

• Reduction in maintenance costs

• Increased life on the wing

• Saving unnecessary fuel costs

3. Aircraft Washing Exteriors

Our systems can be used to supply water from Static Set ups- to Mobile Van Mounted on site equipment. The water fed poles can be used to keep the operators feet firmly on the ground.

· The reduced need for elevated work platforms and stands.

· Reduced EWP usage reduces the risk due to possible impact damage

· All operators and manufactures will agree that a clean fuselage with have bottom line effects on aircraft fuel performance

· A clean aircraft will allow maintenance staff to carry out thorough inspections

· A clean aircraft gives your customers internally and externally a better impression.

· The water fed poles in conjunction with a pump application can be used to apply approved chemicals directly to areas that need degreasing and heavy oil breakdown. This also reduces the exposure to operators with chemicals when sprayed or misted.

· Ionics mobile units (Van mounted) will allow operators to clean aircraft in remote locations

· Allow an operator to clean cabin windows with ease, to increase customer experience.
· Reduce salt deposits in aiding corrosion prevention

Aviation week in Orlando Florida April 25-27 is expected to see more than 15,000 visitors and more than 800 stand participants. In our inaugural launch you will be able to see us at stand 6009. To be able to discuss your individual needs within your aviation business. Look forward to meeting you.

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