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Ionic Systems Quattro Reach and Wash 0PPM System

Published: August 10, 2019

The Quattro System can consistently and efficiently produce an ample supply of pure water at excellent pressure thanks to its powerful booster pump.

The Quattro System is the best point of use system for a wide variety of exterior cleaning applications. The tough, compact design and ease of use makes the Quattro System the number one choice. For working in any area where both mains water and electricity are available. Without power available a generator can also be used.

Window Cleaners make use of The Quattro to access remote parts of modern buildings such as court-yards and roof tops for atrium cleaning.

High-rise buildings where suspended platforms are used as well as the abseiling technique also benefit from short water fed pole cleaning from rooftops. These help to reduce the time on site as well as height risks. On-site building maintenance teams also use the Quattro for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing.

The Quattro is available in three configurations. The standard Quattro System works from water pressure alone (min 60psi), and is suitable for a single operator to use at lower levels.

Last updated: May 25 2021

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