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Linear – Backbone of the Window Cleaning Industry- Is back by request.

Published: March 22, 2019

Yes! It’s back by popular demand, and due to constant requests from satisfied customers for more of the ‘Pro’ machines that still serve them well.

We’ve re-vamped the design and added up to-date features but essentially it’s the same Hydro-power machine that we produced for over a decade. To celebrate the relaunch (and re-name) of the Linear™ range we’re offering special introductory pricing, so call us soon to take advantage of these great prices. Ionic Systems Linear™ range features the industry’s biggest, long life 30inch x 4 (Carbon, Sediment, RO, DI) linear filters that partially self-drain to resist damage from freezing.

Another benefit is the no tools required filter change facility, simply disconnect the hose fittings and lift the filter out for quick and easy
replacement. Because its Hydro-powered no electric hook up is required for filling, all that is required is a mains water supply of at least 50psi.

Available in a wide range of size options to suit most commercial vehicle. No moving parts other than the delivery pump mean many years of money making service, provided the simple maintenance schedule is followed. With its make water “silently” anywhere specification, no job is too big. The ability to process unlimited volumes of pure water onsite can mean the difference between completing the job on the day, or having to return the following day.


  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Tank breather
  • Digital flow control
  • Manual flush valve
  • Dual TDS monitoring
  • Variable pump control
  • Twin 12V delivery pumps
  • Fully baffled tank
  • 12v Leisure battery

Last updated: March 22 2019

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