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Moerman Group European Summer Special Hits Australia for Window Cleaning Squeegee kits

Published: July 8, 2017

Moerman Group Belgium has just released there Europe summer special for a range of Window Cleaning Hand Tools.

The release of the Ultimate Squeegee, FLIQ has presented great savings for both Window Cleaning Businesses and further promotions for Retail to Commercial Shop outlets. The Ultimate Squeegee comes in three distinct sizes of 25cm, 35cm and 45cm ranges. The FLIQ is designed to be one flick between a mop and wipe.

The Ultimate Squeegee comes complete in a kit, which includes a spare hard or soft rubber, the Liquidator2.0 blade and channel, the Excelerator handle and the FLIQ pad with clips to suit.

Standard retail pricing can be see on our website at Ionic Systems Australia. The discounts that are presented are only for a short period of time. The requirement to receive a massive 20% from RRP as listed, will be to purchase 20 complete kits.

Retail shops and Commercial outlet will receive this above there initial buying price from us At Ionic Systems Australia.

Be quick not to miss out on these amazing savings. contact us to find out more PH: 1300 88 45 66

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