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New Carbon Gutter Vacuum Poles, Elite Vortex with Vac Release

Published: January 17, 2019

Vortex a brand of Ionic Systems explains the new carbon pole sections for Gutter Pole Vac kits are three times lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections making the user experience much easier. This weight saving converts into greater manoeuvrability and less operator & muscle fatigue. The Elite Gutter Cleaning Pole equipment now comes with our NEW Vac Release Pole, simply twist the cuff to cut the vacuum suction and see the turf safely fall to ground, a massive productivity gain. This design feature allows operators to keep both hands on the vacuum poles at all times. Previous designs mean that operators of Gutter Pole Vac Kits need to remove one hand from the pole to remove a suction hoses allowing blockages from the goose neck to release when the system latches onto large pieces of debris. This becomes critical when you have larger sections of poles extended to reach Two, Three and Four Stories.

The effective reach kits come in three distinct packages, 6m, 9m and 12m. The new clamping system allows quick disconnection of sections for easy storage.

New Clamped poles are 15% wider, yet 5% lighter than tapered poles. Elite Poles are:

  • Safe: Poles are joined together using a parallel joint and quick release clamp
  • Efficient: Clamp mechanism is fully adjustable and super quick to release
  • Economical: No external component parts used

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Last updated: January 17 2019

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