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Portable Powerful Gutter Vacuum System from Skyvac

The recent release into Australia and New Zealand has seen this new product a petrol powered gutter cleaning system from SpinaClean receive an overwhelming support. Reducing roof access is far safer and has big advantages to not damaging roof tiles and tin structures. Vacuum kits extend to 12 meters and allow operators with camera based […]


Constant Flow- Foam Sprayer

Watch the whole process in using Ionic Systems – Contact Foam Sprayer for softwash applications. The ability to get a solution at height, reducing overspray, and targeting areas directly with your application. allowing operators diversification within there business.


Next Generation Clamps from Ionic Systems | Available for all Ionic Poles

See the next Generation pole clamps giving this worn Grafter pole a new lease of life. These new 2019 spring assisted clamps are available for all Grafter, Glyder, Swift and Vertigo poles from new, or as an upgrade.


2019 Ionic Systems Vertigo brushes

Vertigo brush selection. Spray Bars, Pencil Bars and full dense or light weight brushes.


Linear – Backbone of the Window Cleaning Industry- Is back by request.

Yes! It’s back by popular demand, and due to constant requests from satisfied customers for more of the ‘Pro’ machines that still serve them well. We’ve re-vamped the design and added up to-date features but essentially it’s the same Hydro-power machine that we produced for over a decade. To celebrate the relaunch (and re-name) of […]


Thermion New Way to Softwash

A new way to clean. Reduce your overspray with direct foam injection. Reach heights only restricted by your height from your modified Vertigo water fed pole. Softwashing has just become safer with Ionic Systems. Enquire about the new soft wash system and the way it works with various applications today. We are looking forward to […]


Zero – Reach and Wash Window Cleaning Washing System like no other.

Other systems remove only dissolved solids from the water supply, uniquely the Zero removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply. The result is not only water that is 1,000 times purer but also ultra pure water that is free from micro-organisms such as legionella bacteria and the […]


SkyVac – New Australian Distributor Appointed

The collaboration of great products bought to the Cleaning Industry by Ionic Systems UK and now SkyVac which are produced by a UK business SpinaClean, brings a new leg to the Australian and New Zealand Cleaning Industry. Distribution will be through our current channels Ionic Systems Australia, and Blue Tongue Industries. We are looking forward […]


Claber- Everything is simple with Claber. Just like water itself.

Since 1969 this Italian based company has strived to produce quality, design, and a selection of products, across irrigation, hoses, hose fittings and water control systems. The diverse range of hose and reel products see’s many industries, use and rely on the large selection of Claber products. WATERING IS A REAL PLEASURE Everyone can find […]


Thermion – Softwash and Weed Control Ionic Systems

Softwash is heralded the next big thing to follow Reach and wash in the world of window cleaning Thermion is an environmentally friendly pure-water based SoftWashing system that kills algae, moss and even weeds without bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite or in the case of weeds, Glyphosate. Thermion is available as a standalone product or can be […]


Excelerator2.0 and DR Angle from Moerman New Releases

The Excelerator redesigned and improved! All window cleaners are talking about it and still discover their way to it: the Excelerator 1.0.   Sorry guys, the Moerman train only goes full speed, that is why Moerman keeps working on new and innovative ways to improve your window cleaning job. So sound the horns and trumpets: […]


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