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Nozzle Tips and Sizes to Suit Your Pressure Washer | Lets Learn Some Basics about Pressure Cleaners

Published: April 13, 2022

The most common question that we ask operators, and we near always get the same answers

. * What is the performance of your machine? -Not sure !

* Do you know what hole size you are operating? – No sorry !

When you purchase, from Blue Tongue Industries and Ionic Systems Australia, we set up all your accessories and make sure your machine is kitted right. If you would like to see the pressure cleaning range with prices? Then you are in luck.

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The whole video was made to help the pressure cleaning industry. Knowing your specifications is important. If you have a fixed RPM machine, then you can open up the hole size to drop the pressure if needed. But keeping the correct nozzle size allows harmony and pump and unloader to operate as they should.

You can take a look at the reference chart to check your specifications below:

It’s critical to select the right nozzle for your high-pressure cleaner’s output and smooth operation. If the nozzle is too small, the machine will always go into bypass mode. or turn it off If the nozzle is excessively wide, the machine will have a low output and reduced pressure.

How do you pick the right nozzle? 1. Make certain you’re aware of the high’s flow and pressure. 15 l/min pressure cleaner, for example, with a working pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch 2. Find the closest pressure to 3000 on the second row. 2900 psi psi psi psi psi psi psi psi 3. Reduce the flow rate of the column to 15 l/min. i.e. 14.6 litres per minute 4. Go to the first column on the left. 5. You’ll require a 045 nozzle.

What does “045” imply in a 25 045 Nozzle? The”045″ is a reference point for determining the size of a Nozzle’s orifice. All Spray Nozzles have a flow point of 4000psi and are rated in USGPM. To aid comprehension, consider the following examples: – at 4000Psi, a 045 nozzle delivers 4.5USGPM – at 40000Psi, a 060 nozzle delivers 6.0USGPM – at 4000Psi, a 030 nozzle delivers 3.0USGPM

Tip Angles range from -0 15, 25, 40 degree, and even more

Blasting Nozzle at 0° This nozzle shoots out a powerful spray of water. To avoid gouging wood or ruining delicate surfaces, use care. Removes weeds from sidewalk cracks, stains from concrete, masonry, aluminum, and steel, and caked muck from equipment and mower decks. To remove paint, grease, and debris, aim the spray at a 45-degree angle to the surface and use it as a scraper. Preparation of the surface (removing peeling paint & mildew stains, cleaning gutters & downspouts).

Nozzle with 15 Degree Angle is Probably the most commonly used in the industry and often comes standard in equipment. Can be aggressive at higher pressures, but lowering the pressure or floating tools will allow less impact.

Nozzle with a 25° Flushing Angle This nozzle is great for flushing dirt, mud, and grime since it has a smaller spray pattern than the 40° nozzle and more concentrated spray pressure. Cleaning stable floors, wet brushing leaves from pathways, curbs, and roads. scrubbing and blasting the bottoms of swimming pools.

Nozzle with a 40° wash. The wide spray pattern evenly distributes water over a vast area, making it ideal for rinsing and light washing. Cleaning aluminum siding, cleaning windows, washing automobiles, and spraying sidewalks, driveways, and patios are all examples of applications.

Check out our other videos on our channel. Hope you enjoyed the presentation.

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Last updated: April 14 2022

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