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The Portage- Changing The Way Window Cleaning Businesses Use Vehicles

Published: September 29, 2017

Work During the Week and Play on Weekends 

The recent release of Ionic New Vehicle mounted window cleaning system has sparked a great deal of interest across many countries.

Diversification is an important factor especially when climates force a company to change roles and hats and work within there weather conditions. The Poratge will allow operators to have a vehicle that can be dedicated to different roles. Designed to be removed or left permanently in place the Portage will give a window cleaning business the ability to remove the system and use the vehicle for pleasure or load the vehicle with other cleaning equipment, like gutter vacuums, carpet cleaning or pressure cleaning systems.

A recent release at the CMS Cleaning Show in Berlin draw strong attention especially from the editor Lee Burbidge of the Window Cleaning Magazine


The biggest stand out for me was Ionic Systems ( UK company) and the new Portage System. Only released in the UK a few weeks ago, already Ionic has the attention of the industry in this offering.

Yeah, another tank system, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

The Portage was in the outdoor area neatly nestled into the back of a hot looking Dodge Ram. The system looked great with all self contained filters RO and DI tucked out of sight. There are many clever features on this system. Being able to take out the system from the vehicle to replace it with maybe a softwash system or beer, or bikes, family, whatever. No more having two vehicles, one for work and one for the family. Fixing the system into the truck/van means it is fully secure but it can be easily removed. Genius.

Talking to these guys at Ionic, I get the feeling that they have been a sleeping giant for a while, they have now woken up and they are ready to rumble. Better watch out world.

I was told by Ionic Systems that they would be out and about in the Dodge over the next view weeks demonstrating the system.

This show was a great industry meeting place with a fantastic buzz. Industry is slowly gravitating to this event, I would not be surprised to see other window cleaning related manufacturers wanting to pitch here in the coming years but for now I’m looking for a Dodge Ram. I wonder if the missus would notice if the Fiesta suddenly got bigger?”





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