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The Portage – A De-Mountable Van, Ute or Trailer Pure Water cleaning System

Published: January 16, 2018

In the long gone days of the ladder and squeegee, window cleaning was a task that most cleaning contractors preferred to sub-contract rather than assume the inherent safety risks themselves. All that changed when The Reach & Wash® System transformed the way windows are cleaned, removing completely the risk of falls from height. The attraction of working up to 65ft from the safety of the ground created the opportunity for many cleaning contractors to take control of window cleaning services and retain more profit for their business.


For many however one major drawback has always been the need to dedicate a van full time for window cleaning duties. For safety reasons a vehicle mounted Reach & Wash® System has to be securely bolted to the vehicle chassis. Tanks containing sufficient purified water for a whole days window cleaning are seriously heavy items that must be properly secured if death or serious injuries are to be avoided. In fact an incident was reported within the last month, a young window cleaner lost his life when, involved in a RTA he was crushed by the water tank he apparently installed himself.


At Ionic Systems we have been approached many times by cleaning companies asking for a de-mountable Reach & Wash® system for window cleaning so that they could retain flexibility in their vehicles for other duties. Developing a de-mountable system that can be quickly and simply installed and removed, leave maximum free floor space once removed whilst also being compact for storage between uses and be safe was technically challenging. However, after studying Thatcham crash test data from our 2003 crash test program we came up with the solution (patents pending). Launched in September this year Ionic’s new Portage™ de-mountable Reach & Wash® system is available in three capacity sizes 400, 600 & 800 litres.


Whether you have a part time or full time window cleaning requirement the de-mountable Portage™ system gives you the freedom to recover your van for other weekday business or weekend recreational uses. Time means money, the ability to carry pure water means brush on glass within a much shorter time reducing setup periods. The units will allow and support two or more operators with a variety of purposes in the cleaning industry from Window Cleaning to Building Facades, Cars, Buses, Trucks and Boats. and even more.


Portage™ is available in a wide range of options, with or without water treatment from standalone Delivery Units to DI Resin Filtering Systems to the top of the range full RO Reverse Osmosis setups. . With prices starting from a little over $5920 plus gst. The Portage™ tank also comes with a 10 year anti perforation warranty. For further information and product video’s visit the website www.ionicsystems.com.au. For more information please phone 1300 88 45 66

Watch the Video Presentation HERE  https://youtu.be/aX53pXT9rDU


Last updated: January 16 2018

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