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Blue Magic is a range of cleaning and sanitising products designed and targeting, cleanliness and hygiene. Produced by a company that found key areas that were lacking in the fitness and gym industry.

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Gyms – Fitness – Dance Studios – Crossfit – Martial Arts – Boxing | Solutions
Blue Magic for your Sporting Centre.
Finding the right product to fit your business, will save you time, put more money back into your business, and with peace of mind keeping your environment clean.

Quality, and value in purchasing your Blue Magic from our Geelong store or let us ship directly to you Australia-wide. Having products that will clean and sanitise made to the highest standards and best of all supporting Australian businesses. Our customer service team is here to help.

Formulated by experienced industry-leading Chemical Engineers in Sydney with MSDS Sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets) available for your business.

Hospititaly Cleaning Solutions
Bars | Clubs | Coffee | Hotels

Your Customers Deserve The Best Experience
How important is cleanliness and providing your customers with the cleanest and safest environment?

Your venue could be a Pub, Cafe, Restaurant, or Hotel Motel. Compliance with cleaning and violations, can and will cause disruptions. We have all molded to this new world and Blue Magic will have products to make cleaning easier.

Health and Beauty

Touched surfaces, in your pampered environment. Hair Salons, Nail Bars, Day Spars, Massage Parlors, all require cleaning of multi touched surfaces.


COVID-19, has changed us and cleaning, hygiene, and how to keep your customers safe by taking all necessary precautions. To obtain a clean hygienic workplace you need a cleaning product that will clean , but also sanitise. Have you smelt the fragrance then bonus!  SANI-SPRAY Antibacterial Disinfectant Surface Cleaner is our top selling multipurpose antibacterial solution that KILLS 99.9% OF GERMS. It is specifically formulated to effectively sanitise hard surfaces while leaving a pleasant fragrance.

For you and your Business


Effectively kill 99.9% of germs by disinfecting hard surfaces with SANI-SPRAY Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray. Available in 5 litre bulk buy with refillable pump spray bottles.


Clean and protect your customers and team of staff with the pleasant peppermint scented SANI-SOAP Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.


Foot traffic can bring in a lot of nasties! Blue Magic SANI-FLOOR Disinfectant Floor Cleaning Concentrate will leave your walkways clean and smelling Eucalyptus fresh!


Workplace if it is an office, warehouse, all have critical areas and multi-use facilities.   The health and wellbeing of employees are of the highest priority, and to maintain these clean workspaces choose products that are effective, with bonuses great fragrances.

The full range of Blue Magic Cleaning supplies will be able to help with hand cleanliness, sanitisation, to cleaning and sanatising all other surfaces within your workspace.
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Available from both our Businesses- Ionic Systems Australia and Blue Tongue Industries.

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