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Car Washing Detailing Spot Free

Removing all the contaminants, minerals and elements, gives us the Pure Water for Spot Free Cleaning.

Public Transport Cleaning Quote: Reduction in water usage and increase in cleanliness

Aviation, Corporate and Commercial Aircraft Cleaning

Even in Hard Water, you can get a spot-free finish like this.

Fleet Washing Trucks, Excavators, Machinery, Degreasing

All your detailing equipment is in one central location.

Is Water really Water? We soon learn very quickly when needing to carry out car wash detailing of our pride and joy. From boats to cars, caravans, and trucks, a spot free finish takes the unpleasant task out of keeping our toys clean.

Water is not water and we can see by our Aqua audit site that TDS levels and the PPM of such towns around Australia, vary. Take a look to see if you are mapped:
Australia Water Map

Let’s learn about the development of water and how it has changed the way we clean, back in the early window cleaning days.

Take a look at the Rinse Process with the ionic Systems v4