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Nilfisk: Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

Nilfisk, a market leader with years of experience have produced a range of floor cleaning tools that will ensure effective cleaning with high productivity.

Scrubber dryers

Nilfisk’s experience has produced a range of scrubber dryers that ensure effective cleaning with high productivity. The quality and design give maximum return on investment. Great design allows for low maintenance and service cost along with ease of use. They range from small walk-behinds to large engine-powered ride-on models. Like to know more? Australia-wide distribution or seen in our Melbourne and Geelong showrooms.


With Nilfisk sweepers, you will be able to sweep and pick up debris like a professional. Dust-free sweeping anywhere. From large commercial areas to small tight spaces. Nilfisk sweepers mean long life and ease of use. Improve productivity clean faster and safer with Nilfisk.

Carpet extractors

Nilfisk carpet cleaning extractors and systems help you keep coverings like carpets, upholstery clean. Reduce odours, improving appearance and sanitisation. Assisted with surfactant stain removal, Nilfisk has your carpet cleaning needs covered. Simple to operate systems that have great airflow and water lift ability means excellent and consistent cleaning results.