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The Moerman range has evolved rapidly over the last 18 months. The company, Europe based was founded in 1885 taking pride in the development of internal window cleaning systems and squeegees.

The development of the Moerman Window Squeegee has raised the goalposts and put the emphasis back on the term “Time Is Money”.

With Moerman’s development of their new tool range including, The F*LIQ, COMBINATOR and EXCELERATOR they became market leaders in window cleaning squeegee design. The FLIQ is a revolutionary tool that couples to the sleek Liquidator Channel. The FLIQ pads can be fixed to allow movement over the top of the channel or underneath. The F*LIQ is just one flick between washing and drying the glass, all with one tool.

The combinator is two tools in one. Assemble the combinator to use as a traditional Squeegee and Backflip all in one. OR rotate the T Bar and it becomes the awesome tool that washes and dries in just one stroke.

Cleaning Tools You Can Trust From Any Height

The Excelerator along with the Liquidator Channel, make the ultimate traditional squeegee, just taken to the next level. The Excelerator has a variable adjustment in angular displacement of the handle setting, giving the user the best ergonomic approach. One-click of a button and you convert the Excelerator handle into a swivel squeegee.

The Liquidator Channel accompanies tools like the Excelerator, FLIQ and Combinator. Sleek in design, it allows quick change rubber action and eliminates and reduces the need for detailed works in collecting and wiping off the water on closeouts around frames.

With any high rise building, safe and efficient cleaning is a must. Whether you are the manager of an apartment block or your offices are in a city high rise, you’ll want a simple way to keep your windows and façade clean while keeping all the tenants or customers satisfied at the same time.

Ionic Systems cater to homeowners, commercial properties and facility management corporations. Window cleaning companies throughout Australia, including abseiling and rope access personal use window cleaning tools and equipment for high windows, both from the ground and while on ropes.

Window Cleaning Equipment For Sale That Will Keep You From Working At Heights

We are ensuring all our vehicle-mounted systems are fully crash-tested for your complete safety. The addition of commercial window cleaning equipment give you an added advantage. The quality and guarantee on each product we sell, we give you complete peace of mind that you are investing in top-quality equipment that will stand the test of time.

We are committed to the environment, foreseeing a better, cleaner future for all. Our systems do not need to use harsh chemicals – rather they run off pure water, which provides you with an eco-friendly solution and supplies your full range of Ionic Systems water fed kits.

It’s all part of our global promise to deliver sustainable, industry-leading solutions to all.

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Our staff are available to provide you with assistance when you need help choosing the right window cleaning equipment for jobs inside and out. Should you require any help or further information – including our recommendations, specifications and our manufacturing process – please don’t hesitate to ask.

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