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Ionic Pressure Pole | Roof Wand

Until now, roof cleaning has always been a job that presents many challenges, either with costly forms of safe access, with the hire of scaffolding or powered access, and once you have gained access, the need to remove moss or lichen, before applying a biocide to kill the organic life living on there.

The Pressure Pole called the Roof Wand ™ offers a safe form of access that allows the operative to work from the safety of the ground, to not only remove moss and lichen, but leave the tiles clean and the roof looking like new.
The uniquely patented, high pressure pole, Roof Wand ™ with turbo nozzles, allows for fast coverage of cleaning. The nozzles rotate at high speed to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray.



As water is forced down onto the surface, it creates a hovering action which allows the operative to easily direct and control
to wash down a roof.
The Pressure Pole, Roof Wand ™ can be used with a telescopic mast, that allows the operative to gain access over roofs and difficult to access areas with ease and with limited effort.
The process is carried out by washing the building from roof top to floor, and catching all the moss, dirt and lichen onto waterproof sheets, before simply disposing of the waste.

The Ionic Pressure Pole, can be used across a number of different genre. High reach pressure cleaning, from building facades

signage, mining, fleet and rail.