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The versatile Grafter™ range are a firm favourite with residential window cleaners, but also extremely useful for cradle work and abseiling operations too.



Glyder™ is a best-selling pole for a simple reason; it is very rigid, lightweight and easy to use.



The Swift is a lightweight, rigid and extremely durable commercial pole, able to reach impressive heights. For many, the Swift has replaced the use of hydraulic platforms or even rope access.



The VERTIGO™ the latest in our waterfed pole range with features to enhance your work experience and reduce time on the job have been included.



The PROTECTORTM pole handle is a safety focussed option that can be added to Ionic’s new (Vertigo), and existing (Grafter, Glyder, Swift) ranges of waterfed poles, in place of the standard handle section. The PROTECTORTM enables you to have all the benefits of Ionic’s protective safety features.


Mini Pole Two section... Size 5 Feet

$236.39$249.18 exl. GST

9ft Mini Pole Two section. Extended Length 1.6m, with a collapsed length 1m.


Showing all 6 results

Water Fed Brush For Sale Online For Shipping Through Out Australia
When you have a cleaning business, you want to be able to complete your jobs with maximum efficiency, and ensure you remain productive. Whether you are cleaning small residential buildings, high rise office blocks or something that’s in between, you deserve a comprehensive cleaning system that is tailored to your exact needs. Ionic Systems has that exact solution. We provide Australia’s homes and businesses with water fed pole brushes, allowing for maximum window cleaning efficiency for your property.

The Water Fed Pole Brush Is Your Solution For Window Washing

The Waterfed pole system for window cleaning is the business end of the Reach & Wash® System. It’s the water fed pole you work with hour after hour, day after day. For the most comfortable use, the pole should be as light, as thin and as rigid as possible. For ease of use, it should also be as short as possible when collapsed.

Water fed poles designed with your business needs in mind

We have invested heavily in the latest technology to produce the very best Waterfed pole available for window cleaning. The Protector range of poles have insulated handles to protect against the risk of electric shock.

As well as this, each product is constructed using high-end materials that are designed to last for years to come. When you own a business, there is no point investing in equipment that will fall apart after a few uses; you want to find robust materials that will surely stand the test of time. Our brush and water fed poles will provide you this security and peace-of-mind that you have made the right choice.

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Available online and throughout Australia, our water fed pole system provides the perfect tools for window cleaning – and even solar panel cleaning – wherever in the country you work.

To speak to one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you comprehensive information on each of our products to help you make the right choice depending on your needs. Get ready to introduce your water fed pole system into your workflow.

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