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Auto-Compensating Pump Controller

    Automatically compensates for variations is pressure, and so maintains constant water flow rate no matter how high the pole is raised.


    Ionic Pump Controllers for 12v pumps.

    PC01SA Compatible with:
    Triton, Proteus & V4 DiFuse

    PC02SA Compatible with:
    – Triton, Titan, Proteus, Hydros,
    Delivery Unit, Thermopure Delivery Unit,
    V4 Fuse, V4 DiFuse, V4 Fusion & V4 Fusion S

    PC03SA Compatible with:
    – Titan, V4 Fuse, V4 Fusion, V4 Fusion S & Triton
    with PFS & ROMS Upgrade

    PC01SA Digital Pump Controller with Fill Sequence
    PC02SA Digital Pump Controller
    PC03SA Digital Pump Controller with Fill Sequence
    R0696 Grey pump controller without fill switch
    R0697 Grey pump controller for thermo pure systems
    R0698 Grey pump controller with fill switch (male pins)
    R0698A Grey pump controller with fill switch (female no pins)

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