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    The vehicle-mounted tank is simply filled with purified water, and then waterfed cleaning can begin.
    Accompaniment to a static system.

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    Ionic Cold Delivery Systems

    Our cold-water delivery systems are a simple and straightforward accompaniment to a static system.

    The vehicle-mounted tank is simply filled with purified water, and then water fed cleaning can begin. The delivery system incorporates at least one 100psi pump and auto-compensating flow controller and additional pumps and controllers are available as optional upgrades (or are standard on some sizes.)

    Like all Ionic vehicle-mounted systems, the cold-water delivery System is fully compliant with the FMVSS-208 crash-test standard.


    • Digital Flow Controllers: Auto-compensating digital flow control allows precise operation of the pumps.
    • POLYPROPYLENE TANK: Black polypropylene tank sizes of 300 to 1,000 litres are available.
    • FMVSS-208 Compliant: All Ionic vehicle-mounted machines are fully compliant with the FMVSS-208 crash testing standard.

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    Delivery Units - Cold

    300 lts, 400 lts, 500 lts, 600 lts, 700 lts, 800 lts, 900 lts, 1000 lts

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