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SkyWand Indoor Telescopic Window Cleaning Kits from SkyVac

    $599.00$1,051.00 exl. GST

    SkyWand is a telescopic tool for cleaning indoor windows and other washable surfaces.



    No need for ladders or other high reach equipment. SkyWand allows you to clean internal glass windows, mirrors, cladding and other smooth & hard surfaces from the safety of the ground. This new compact system integrates a bottle at the base of the pole containing pure water with a manual pump to deliver mist to the micro fibre cleaning head.

    • Extremely lightweight
    • Easy to operate, reducing operator fatigue
    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Articulated joint system allows you to reach the most difficult of spaces
    • Cleans up to 6.6 metres high

    Optional: Quick Pure Water Bottle: An easy way to get pure water quickly. Chemical and streak free – see individual listing. Included as standard

    • SkyWand
    • Selection of five Micro Fibre Cleaning Pads:

    Glass Mop Pad: Microfibre cloth ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors and stainless steel. This pad has a wider surface area, allowing you to clean a bigger area in a shorter time. Snow Pad: Ideal for wet/damp and dry dusting. Excellent for removing dirt from marble and plastic. Spot Pad: Perfect for cleaning industrial kitchens and white tiles. The white short pile microfibre and the black abrasive spots (to rub the stubborn stains) combined together ensures a great result in removing the most difficult soiling. Zebry Pad: Ideal with cleaning PVC & laminate surfaces. This pad has a very special “V” shape enabling you to penetrate deeper into the pores of the surfaces for more complete cleaning. Super Sticky: Ideal for furnishing, desks and dusty shelves. A disposable polyester cloth with a special adhesive treatment. Eliminates all types of soil without leaving any residue. Specifications / Part Numbers

    • SkyWand 16 (1.6m long) 0.95 kg
    • SkyWand 33 (3.3m long) 1.5 kg
    • SkyWand 66 (6.6m long) 3.3 kg
    SkyVac : SkyWand from SpinaClean

    Additional information

    SkyWand Indoor Window Kit Sizes

    1.6m, 3.3m, 6.6m

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