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Foamion Soft Washing System

    $10,400.00 exl. GST

    FoamionTM is an add on Soft washing system


    FoamionTM is an add on Soft washing system. It connects to a Reach
    & Wash system, to give the ability of Soft washing as well as Window Cleaning. Using either hot or cold water (depending on the system it’s fitted to), the on-board air compressor gives the benefit of creating foam, for better chemical contact time and easier application. It has high and low chemical injector settings depending on the job at hand. It holds 1 x 25L chemical drum, plus 2 x 5L chemicals of your choice. Max chemical mix 3/1, minimum 19/1.

    • Foamion™ with 2x 150Ah Lead Acid Batteries & Charger
    • Foamion™ with 2 x 105Ah Lifos Lithium Ion Batteries & Charger


    Advantages of Lithium ion batteries: Superior Useable Capacity, Extended Cycle Life, Size & Weight Advantages, Fast & Efficient Charging, Very Little Wasted Energy, Climate Resistance, Zero maintenance.


    Foamion is supplied without batteries.  Options of either 2 x 150Ah lead acid or 2 x 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries



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