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    GM80B Nilfisk Dry Vacuum. Rugged construction for any cleaning job securing you maximum performance.

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    Rugged construction for any cleaning job securing you maximum performance

    Lightweight and portable, the Nilfisk GM80B provides durability, high performance and efficient cleaning.

    The sturdy aluminium container means that the vacuum cleaner is almost indestructable and therefore especially suitable for rough and heavy duty cleaning.

    Designed for the times when you need great suction power and ease of use.

    GM80B is a versatile vacuum with high suction power and can be used for both industry cleaning and integrated into production facilities. The unique multi-stage filtration system allows for adaption to special applications where high filtration level and low emission is required. Choose between two types of dust bags (fleece or paper), four different washable sack filters (Polyester, Cotton, PTFE or Nomex) and special exhaust filters with HEPA or ULPA classication. GM80B can handle every heavy duty cleaning task and has become a vacuum cleaner icon in variety of industries.  

    • HEPA or ULPA absolte filter version
    • Aluminium construction for enhanced durability
    • Light in weight, heavy duty in performance
    • 12 L container capacity, 6.5L dusbag capacity
    • One year commercial warranty
    Light in weight, heavy duty performance
    HEPA filtration (optional)
    ULPA option where HEPA is not enough
    Trolley mounted for easy portability
    Aluminium construction for durability
    One year commercial warranty
    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                               GM80B
    Rated PowerWatts1200
    Vacuum (at nozzle)kpa20
    Sound Pressure LeveldB(A)61
    Main Filter Areacm²2100
    Dustbag CapacityL6.5
    Container VolumeL12
    Cable Lengthm10
    Dimensionsmm (LxWxH)390x300x410
    GM80BGM80B includes: 107418495 IVAC GM80P 11730410 Motor Protection Filter 81620000 Dustbag 140 8492 510 Combination Nozzle with Roller 107402630 Tube-Bent End 12097500 Hose Assembly (2 metres) steel end, no vent 81140900 Crevice Nozzle$1,390.00$139.00$1,529.00


    11641000Micro-Static Filter$23.00$2.30$25.30
    11730410Motor Protection Filter$45.00$4.50$49.50
    11693700Blue Filter (2 pack)$22.00$2.20$24.20
    82135800Filter Pad$1.60$0.16$1.76
    61543000Cotton Filter$115.00$11.50$126.50
    82147100HEPA Replacement Filter Kit$95.00$9.50$104.50
    81620000Dust Bag (5 pack)$15.00$1.50$16.50
    12097500Hose Assembly (2 metres) with steel end, no vent$78.00$7.80$85.80
    12041500Hose Assembly (2 metres) with plastic end and vent$68.00$6.80$74.80
    11276901Round Brush$33.00$3.30$36.30
    22103600Round Brush Blue Bristles$40.00$4.00$44.00
    82203501Turbo Nozzle$130.00$13.00$143.00
    140 8492 510Combination Nozzle with Roller$80.00$8.00$88.00
    22359800Combination Nozzle$105.00$10.50$115.50
    11276800Carpet Nozzle 280mm$80.00$8.00$88.00
    11276902Brush Nozzle$18.00$1.80$19.80
    81140900Crevice Nozzle$10.00$1.00$11.00
    82366900Wheeled Floor Nozzle 360mm$195.00$19.50$214.50


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