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High Reach and Flat Work SoftWash Trolley

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    High Reach and Flat Work SoftWash Trolley. Build your Cart from Trolley Standard to Full Options.


    High Reach and Flat Work SoftWash Trolley. Spray and rinse cleaning process. The soft washing trolley will allow operations to apply chemicals on both verticle and flat surfaces. Rinsing can be carried out with both COLD or HOT Pressure Cleaners and Low Pressure.


    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • High Reach Application Pole (Added Extra) 17ft 24ft 32ft
    • Spray Nozzle to Suit, softwash tip, and foaming/soap tip
    • 10mm ID Application Hose 25m (Clear)
    • Everflo Pump 8.3lpm 70psi
    • 25lt Solution Batch Mix Container
    • Battery Options Lithium Iron or Deep Cycle (Not Included)
    • Approximate 5mins continuous spraying ( On average 100 to 120 sqm flat work)

    This Portable Trolley will

    • Help alleviate the consequences of spills that result in corrosion on an operators vehicle or trailer
    • Allow small to medium businesses to enter the softwash market
    • Allow better access in remote locations

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    Soft Washing, Chemical Cleaning, the application of Sodium Hypochlorite, in different applications, and environmental conditions can lead to many headaches.

    • OverSpray
    • Chemical Contact with Operators or Unwanted Surfaces
    • High Reach Access Required without EWP

    The High Reach Soft Wash Trolley will help overcome some of these challenges.

    Optional Extras and Notes

    • Water Fed application pole not included ( Ask about options with 17, 24 or 32ft Hydra Poles)
    • Battery- Technology and weight affect pricing. Transport and user requirements, local purchase. Ask us if you would like supplied
    • Spare parts kits can be added. PU Joiners and PU Taps
    • An additional spray nozzle can be supplied
    • Battey Charger Not Supplied- Ask if you would like this included

    Key Points

    • Everflo pump- Ratios and batch mixing. Follow recommendations set out within the manual provided. Do not exceed these ratios
    • Everflo pump- 90-day warranty
    • Everflo pump- Follow the described clean-up procedure set out in the manual provided

    PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

    • Chemicals Used- Obtain and Carry the correct Material Data Sheets
    • Material Data Sheets- The data will have all the necessary cautions listed, that all operators should read
    • Safety Equipment- Chemical Exposure- Correct protective equipment should be worn to prevent any chemical exposure. This will include clothing, gloves, eye protection, and masks


    • Consult the relevant local authority, in regards to chemicals that you may use
    • DO NOT ALLOW any chemicals to enter stormwater on the property
    • Be aware of weather conditions, to control overspray and mist. DO NOT all mist from spraying to drift on a windy day
    • JARS and SWMS – Carry out evaluation and risks on the associated job site. Identify your work zone and placard and sign as necessary. Do not allow general access or the public to enter this area


    Trolley Standard.

    • Stainless Trolley including Solid Wheels
    • 25 lt Plastic Drum with Lid
    • Drum Frame Stainless
    • Everflo Pump 8.3lpm at 70 psi
    • Battery Box (NO BATTERY)
    • Clean 10mm ID PVC Hose 25m
    • PU Adapter for 10mm Hose to 8mm PU Hose
    • Euro Spray Nozzle
    • Soaper Tip Brass
    • Suction Hose 13mm

    Battery Options in ADDITION

    • Allion Lithium battery 80Ah capacity with Bluetooth® monitoring @Approx. 75 Ah useable capacity
    • Hardcore Deep-Cycle AGM 105Ah capacityApprox. 65 Ah useable capacity

    Charger in ADDITION

    • Oz-Charge 12 amp auto charger

    Spray Nozzle Extra in ADDITION

    • Extra Spray Nozzle

    Hydra Pole Selection in ADDITION (Systems will adapt to any Euro Threaded Pole with 5×8 Pu Hose)

    • 17ft Hydra Glass with Pole Hose and Angle Crank
    • 24ft Hydra Carbon with Pole Hose and Angle Crank
    • 32ft Hydra Carbon with Pole Hose and Angle Crank


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