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Hot Link Hot Water Generator 4350psi 18lpm

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    Hot Link Hot Water Generator


    Hot Link Hot Water Generator

    Convert your existing cold water pressure washer into a hot water pressure washer. Do you already own a cold water pressure washer but wish it had hot water? Attach a Hot Link to your existing cold water pressure washer and you have the power of hot water to quickly melt away grease and grime. The Hot Link System allows you the flexibility of using hot water on those stubborn jobs such as grease, gum, or graffiti that require the impact of hot water to get the job done right. It will save you money by getting the job done faster, and you do not have to buy a new pressure washer if you already have a cold water system. Its compact size allows for easy storage when not in use and takes up little room on your truck or trailer. You can choose from two diesel heated models.



    • Use with your cold water pressure washer
    • 100 – 4350 psi
    • 1-5 gpm
    • Includes 48” jumper hose
    • 3 gallon diesel fuel tank
    • Adjustable temp up to 200°F
    • Stainless steel insulated coil enclosure
    • Redundant safety features include flow switch, pressure relief valve, and burst disc
    • Compact Dimensions: 29”L x 22”W x 22”H
    • 12v DC for remote use, hook to the battery on your pressure washer (requires 14 amp charging system)


    • Hot water rated, high pressure hose
    • AHC25 4 wheel kit with handle for easy portability


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