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HotBox Boiler Unit 108 VULKAN C – 12v 5000psi 21lpm

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    HotBox Boiler Unit 108 VULKAN C- 12v 5000psi 21lpm


    Comet’s Mobile HotBox Unit Feature:
    Full stainless steel frame & casing with 2 pneumatic wheels
    Water temperature up to 140°C
    C3 Double coil (3/8″ Seamless)
    Stainless fuel tank with 20 litre capacity



    5000 PSI
    25 Litres per Minute maximum
    5 Litres per minute minimum
    C3 Seamless Coil (2.3mm Thick)
    Water Temperature 140°C
    Manufactured in Italy

    Power Supply:
    12V Power Supply to Fuel Pump
    12V Power Supply to Fan Motor

    Stainless Steel Casing & Frame
    Stainless Steel 20 Litre Fuel Tank
    Weight 110Kg

    Accessories included:
    2 Metres of high pressure hose with quick coupling


    AMP Draw:

    The current draw of the Vulkan Cis 28-30 Amps with 13.3-13.5volt (when battery is full charged).

    If the voltage is less the amperage go up.

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