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Hydro-Mixer V4-PM Proportioning System

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    Hydro-Mixer V4-PM Proportioning System


    Improved V4 with solid one piece polypropylene manifold, 4 inlet ports and 2 outlet ports.  The Soft Wash Hydro-Mixer V4 PM is mounted to an aluminum plate with 6 mounting holes. No more batch mixing! The Soft Wash Hydro-Mixer V4 eliminates batch mixing and guess work of solution concentration. Standard setup is two metering valves for water and bleach (SH), one precision soap needle valve (surfactant).  Optional 3rd metering valve or 2nd soap valve port available. See in options. No stress on your pump with our 3/4″ and 1″ metering valves, whether it’s a dual 12 volt, 24 volt, electric booster or air operated.  Fully assembled and tested.  All components designed for long life and ease of service.  All components used are chemical resistant.

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    Size/Pump GPM-Water & SH Metering Valves:1/2"-4.0-7.0 GPM 12 volt pumps, Size/Pump GPM-Water & SH Metering Valves:3/4"-5.5-7.0 GPM 12 volt, booster, air diaphragm pumps, Size/Pump GPM-Water & SH Metering Valves:1"-10 GPM 24 volt, booster, air diaphragm pumps (not gas powered)

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