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Moerman Combinator 2.0 T-Bar

    $5.90$6.54 exl. GST

    Ergonomically designed Squeegee for comfortable, all-day use.



    The Combinator 2.0 T-bar is part of the complete EASE system of the Combinator 2.0, the water surfaces ensure an even distribution of the water on the Combinator 2.0 sleeve. Use the Combinator 2.0 grip and Combinator 2.0 sleeve for this system, together with the Liquidator 2.0 channel this forms the Combinator 2.0. Available in 25 cm – 35 cm – 45 cm.

    • Only fits the Combinator 2.0 handle
    • Use the click button to fix T-bar on the Combinator 2.0 handle
    • Lightweight
    • Strong – assembled in 1 piece
    • Perfect water retention

    – Reducing cloth prepping
    – Don’t loose time changing tools


    – Amazing results with less effort
    – No water residues in corners & edges

    • SAFE

    – No need to reach out with a cloth
    – Reliable locking and click-on parts


    – Lightweight for easy handling
    – Light pressure channel

    The Combinator is made up of FOUR parts

    1. Combinator handle and thumb rest insert
    2. Combinator T bar
    3. Combinator Premium Sleeve
    4. Liquidator 2.0 Channel

    All of the above items are required to complete a versatile and adaptable hand tool.

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