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Moerman Ultimate F*LIQ 3.0

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    Ergonomically designed Excelerator2.0 Squeegee for comfortable, all-day use. One Flick between Mop and Squeegee.


    F*LIQ 3.0

    Excelerator2.0 Award-winning at the London Cleaning Show 2019 with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window. Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°


    • Redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.
    • Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°
    • The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.
    • New channel locking mechanism, more user-friendly and secure.
    • Mount the channel without any risk of it falling out.
    • Improved locking button to change your handle from a swivel to a fix tool.
    • Redesigned grip which allows for a more ergonomic hold.


    • Replacement F*LIQ clips are available
    • Easy on/off F*LIQ clips
    • Fits LIQUIDATOR 2.0/3.0
    • 100% high quality microfiber
    • Fibre length: 16mm
    • Extra padding ensures high water retention
    • Washable at 60°
    • High tear and wear resistance
    • Available in 25cm/10″ – 35cm/14″ – 45cm/18″
    • Swivel handle – excelerator2.0
    • EFFICIENCY *****

    – Extra water absorption for longer washing
    – Don’t loose time changing tools


    – Flat washer features: no water on window frame
    – Best quality microfiber for better washing results

    • SAFE *

    – Reliable locking and click-on parts

    • ERGONOMIC **

    – Lightweight for easy handling & user convenience






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