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Pad Holder with Walnut Pad

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    Pad Holder with Walnut Pad

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    Multi Tool/Pad holder has become a staple industry product, a real must-have in every window cleaner’s tool kit.  This is the large version which comes with a Walnut Pad fitted and also a spare 15 x 22 cms (6″x9″) Walnut Pad, an increasingly popular choice to help remove stubborn dirt.

    This innovative cleaning pad is made of recycled polyester, crushed walnut shells are added as a natural, non-scratch abrasive.  This pad provides extra scrubbing/cleaning power for virtually any surface.  Walnut is a natural abrasive that delivers aggressive cleaning action but is scratch resistant so safe to use on surfaces where scratching is a concern.  The Walnut pad has an open web design and thickness ensures it is tough and durable for many different uses, it is suitable for glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, copper, painted surfaces and more.

    The kit comprises of:-

    • Multi Tool with European (not ACME thread) and Stainless Steel 50mm bolt to fit in standard angle adapter
    • Socket with European thread
    • Stainless steel screws, washers and wing nuts to secure the bronze wool pad in place
    • x1 Walnut pad already fitted to the pad holder

    Total weight when dry approx 154 grams

    Dimensions with Walnut Pad fitted approx 22 x 6 x 13.5 cms

    Fitting Instructions

    The pad holder is already assembled and ready to use. We recommend you fit this inside the adapter on the water fed pole first. Please use the 50mm bolt supplied.

    The pad holder can then be threaded onto the  Multi tool and is ready to use.

    IMPORTANT: Do not over tighten. To release – push down and turn anticlockwise.


    If you wish to replace the pad simply undo the wing nuts to attach the new one.

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