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Portage- A De-Mountable Tank System

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    A De-Mountable System that can be installed or removed from a Vehicle.

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    Finally A DE-MOUNTABLE TANK SYSTEM so you can use your van for work during the week and for play at the weekend.


    De-mountable design features

    “Finally a de-mountable tank system so I can use my van for work during the week and for play at the weekend.”

    The solution for a safe yet de-mountable tank system for window cleaning has arrived in the shape of Ionic’s latest product offering, the Portage™.

    A low-profile tank is available in 400, 600 & offering capacities that can be fitted and removed to and from any van in just a couple of minutes.
    Simply undo the battery quick connector, remove the mounting pin and the tank can be portaged out of your van and stored until needed for the next days’ work.

    Portage™ is available in a number of different specifications. Fo r those who have a static pure water system or operate in soft water conditions Portage™ has a quick fill cap so it can be used as a simple delivery system with 12v pumps and DI filtration.

    For hard water areas, Portage™ can be configured with full RO/DI filtration with such features as Fast-fill boost pump, ROMS™, PD I™, PFS™ (See page 9) and fully automatic RO flush.

    Unlike other flat tank systems, the underside of the Portage™ tank has been carefully designed to ensure that 100% of tank capacity runs to the 12v delivery pumps. So unless you’re parked on a steep incline you’ll be able to use every drop of the tanks water capacity even when the water level is low.

    Note- Hose Reels not included, battery and installation in addition.

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    Portage Delivery 400 lt, Portage Delivery 600 lt, Portage Delivery 800 lt, Portage DI Fusion 400 lt, Portage DI Fusion 600 lt, Portage DI Fusion 800 lt, Portage RO Fusion 400 lt, Portage RO Fusion 600 lt, Portage RO Fusion 800 lt

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