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Skyscraper® Wire Brush

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    Skyscraper® Wire Brush


    Skyscraper® Wire Brush For Roof Cleaning

    “Is there anything that I can use to get moss at the edge of a roof tile?”

    YES!  Our skyscraper® wire roof cleaning brush is exactly what you need.  The carbon steel bristles get right in the tile edges and overhangs, giving that stubborn moss build off, the brush off.  For thorough results, and getting moss out of those nooks and crannies, this brush is a must.

    The skyscraper® wire brush can be attached to a telescopic pole using an angled connector (sold separately).

    Listing is for BRUSH ONLY.  Angle adaptor sold separately

    skyscraper® Wire roof cleaning Brush

    For a thorough roof clean, this brush gets the right results. 

    Tile edges and overhangs are a haven for moss.  Dark and damp, the perfect growing conditions for water loving moss to take root.  Moss bobbles form in tile joins before spreading over the tile surface.

    Unlike a tile blade which effectively removes moss from the tile surface, the abrasive steel bristles can get right into the tile joins and agitate the moss free.

    This brush is ideal for keeping on top of moss, before moss gets on top of your roof.

    Wire Brush Specification:

    • (H)55 (L)176 (D)65mm
    • Weight: 260gms
    • Carbon steel bristles
    • Soft grip polypropylene
    • Brush head fits EU adaptor (Not included, sold separately).


    How do I attach the brush to a telescopic pole?

    • The listing is for the brush only, which has an EU compatible connection.
    • To adjust and customise the brush angle, on your telescopic pole, add the Adjustable Angle Adaptor (with EU connection).  Sold separately.

    Shop the adaptor for just £7.8 (discount applied in basket)

    How do I clean the roof tiles? 

    To clean roof tiles, we recommend the skyscraper® Head and Blades – which has a choice of 11 blade profiles to match the shape of your roof tile project.  Attach the skyscraper® Head and Blades, or the Wire Roof Cleaning brush to a telescopic pole to access your roof cleaning project.

    Where is the roof brush useful for? 

    The stiff wire bristles mean to can access areas that can’t be thoroughly cleaned with the bladed system – such as edges, joins and overlaps.

    1) Ridge Tile: A common site of moss build up.

    2) Roof Gable or Rake / Drip Edge of Dormer windows:  Crumbs can form on the tiles at the outer edge of the roofs or Dormer windows.

    3) Valley Gutter Edging: Prone to moss build up as rain runs into the gutter.

    4) Around the Chimney and the flashing.


    Wire Brush Specification:

    • (H)55 (L)176 (D)65mm
    • Weight: 260gms
    • Carbon steel bristles
    • Soft grip polypropylene
    • Brush head fits EU adaptor (Not included, sold separately).

    Included as standard

    skyscraper® Wire Roof Cleaning Brush

    • 1 x Wire Brush

    Ideal for

    Roof Cleaning:  getting into those hard to reach tile edges.

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