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skyVac® ‘Real-Time’ Inspection System

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    skyVac ‘Real-Time’ Inspection System For ‘Live’ High-Level Surveillance

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    Large 4.3” LCD screen with slimline, lightweight design. 

    Take the guess work out of gutter clearance, with SkyCam wireless camera system.  The monitor with large 4.3” LCD screen transmits a live, clear picture of “in gutter” progress, from the overhead mounted camera.  Quick and easy to use with no wires, apps or wifi required, the “Real Time” high-level inspection system is lightweight and designed to cope with gutter clearing conditions.

    Instant Images:  No wires – No Apps – No Wi-Fi – No internet required! 

    NB:  Inspection system is for “real time”, live image viewing only.  It is non-recordable & does not capture images or video.

    Features and Benefits

    Specially designed by Spinaclean for “real time” gutter clearance and high-level inspection, the Camera Inspection System has a sleek new look, with larger 4.3″ high-quality screen and improved functionality.

    Essential gutter cleaning equipment, the high-level inspection system not only helps you monitor your live progress but is also a great way to win new business.  Simply attach the camera and monitor to the skypole, and in minutes you can show potential clients the condition of their gutters, all from the safety of the ground.  Or why not use the camera system to earn extra income, offering high level property inspection on roofs, chimneys, or in lofts.

    Quick and easy to use, the monitor and camera system are lightweight and engineered to cope with the rigours of gutter cleaning.  The slimline monitor has a high quality 4.3” colour LCD screen display, with sun visor to ensure clear visibility.  Able to cope with an array of lighting conditions, the overhead camera features LED lights for up close accuracy, whilst the monitor has adjustable brightness settings.  IP4 rated, both camera and monitor are able to withstand a rain shower.  Instantly paired, and not affected by Wi-Fi interference, the system is effective up to 50 meters.

    No wires – No Apps – No Wi-Fi – No internet required!

    Simply turn on, and see ‘Live’ high-quality images of high-level projects – all from the safety of the ground.

    Key Features:


    • Large 4.3” LCD screen with adjustable brightness for live image transmission

    • Rotate Image 180 function

    • Lightweight at 165g

    • Compact and slimline 11.5 x 30 x 13.5cm

    • Ability to activate LED Camera Lights from monitor.

    • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with approx. 3hrs

    • Easy to use buttons

    • Comes with spring clip to attach monitor to suction / inspection poles

    • Sun visor


    • 4 White LED lights with 2M range.

    • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with 2.5-3hrs live (depending on LED usage).

    • Effective range of 50 metres.

    • Lightweight at 100g.

    • Comes with Camera Stud to attach to high reach inspection pole, or Spring Clip to attach to suction poles (we recommend fixing to the neck tool holder).

    NB:  Camera system is for “real time”, live image viewing only.  It is non-recordable and does not capture images or video.  

    For Recordable content, we will be offering a recordable system in addition.


    Item Unit Specifications
    Image Sensor Inch 1/4”CMOS
    Effective Pixels pixels 640*480
    View Angle Degree(°) 45
    Transmission Frequency MHz 2400~2483
    Modulation Mode GFSK
    Unobstructed Effective Range m 50
    white LED light range m 2
    Power Supply VDC 5V
    Charge Time Hours 2.5
    Working Time (full charge) Hours 3(LED OFF)/ 2.5(LED ON)
    Operation Temperature ℃/°F -10~+50/+14~+122
    Dimensions mm 130x30x58
    Weight g 100


    Item Unit Specification
    Screen Size inch 4.3” TFT LCD
    Display Resolution dot 480×272
    Unobstructed Receive Range m 50
    Modulation Mode GFSK
    Power Supply VDC 5V
    Charge Time Hours 3
    Working Time (full charge) Hours 3
    Operation Temperature ℃/°F -10~+50/+14~+122
    Dimensions mm 115X30X135
    Weight g 165


    Included as standard

    • Monitor with 4.3” LCD screen
    • Camera with 4 x integral LED lights
    • In car Adaptor
    • Power Adaptor x 1
    • USB charging cables x 2
    • Protective Carry Case
    • Camera attachments (1 x Pole Stud for telescopic pole / 1 x Spring Clip for mounting on gutter cleaning neck tool holder
    • Monitor spring clip (for securing monitor to pole).

    Ideal For

    • Transmitting “Real-Time” / “Live” High-Level surveillance images
    • For effective gutter clearance with skyVac gutter cleaning systems.
    • Winning new business – by showing potential customers the condition of their gutters.
    • High level property inspections such as chimneys / Roofs and lofts.

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