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    Thermopure HotBox allows a cold water system to be upgraded to hot water. The systems, and are capable of supplying hot water within minutes of activation.

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    With the Thermopure ™ upgrade, you unleash unbeatable cleaning power of Heated Pure Water!
    Everyone knows that hot water cleans better than cold. Heated ultra pure water is less dense and so absorbs dirt more readily and dries more quickly to an incredible finish.
    Hot water breezes through initial cleans and shifts even the most stubborn residues. Great in Winter but equally useful in Summer when cold water would turn to steam on sun-baked glass.
    Thermopure™ heaters use diesel from either the vehicle’s fuel tank or a separate remote tank that can be filled with red diesel for economy. The highly efficient heat exchanger lifts the temperature quickly up to 80 degrees. Water in the tank can be preheated while on the move, or be heated at point of use.
    In a“time is money”business a little snow and ice can freeze your assets and stop you earning. When cold waterfed pole
    systems freeze to a stand still, Ionic Systems’ Thermopure™ delivers heated pure water and fantastic cleaning results. In Poland Thermopure™ customers routinely work in temperatures as low as -15°C.
    The next time you try to use a waterfed pole in freezing conditions imagine the luxury of Thermopure™ heated water warming your hands.
    Lost days mean lost income and falling behind on your program of work. During the summer months Thermopure™ outperforms on initial cleans, hot tinted glazing, cladding and fascia surfaces.


      • * powerful burner Powerful 3kw or 9kw burner


      • * Diesel powered Burner supplied with diesel from either the vehicle fuel tank or a remote fuel tank


      • * QUICK HEATING The heat exchanger lifts the temperature quickly up to 80 degrees


      * Power supply Independent 115aH Battery

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