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Published: November 3, 2020

A very rewarding project and embankment with processes, development, design, and infrastructure that started many years ago, when Ionic Systems Australia was consulted in Bus Washing systems and techniques. Working with departments, companies that have focused goals and requirements to further improve the cleaning processes of buses, trains, and even aircraft.

Testimonial : “The system is working great, since implementation we have noticed a increase in the cleanliness of the busses, great reduction in water usage and better trade waste results.”

In this environmentally conscious world, across different modes of transport, the questions are often very similar.

  • Need to reduce soaps and surfactants in the cleaning process
  • Need to have low operational costs
  • Need to have a structured maintenance program
  • Equipment needs have reliability and ability to perform under heavy conditions
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Remove or reduce the need for EWP and ladders
  • Be ergonomic and easy for operators to use
  • Work efficiently and cost-efficiently in all water conditions
  • Provide spot-free superior finish
  • Options for hot water for efficiency gains
  • Support multiple operators
  • Have a long service life expectations
  • Proven reliability
  • Non-hazardous for users and operators

Since 1997 Ionic Systems changed the world with pure water cleaning technology. The company’s initial focus was window cleaning equipment, facade, and building washing from the ground to 24 meters with rope access works above these heights. Over the last 22 years, we have seen the focus or inquiries and sales into markets that use and require spot free pure water technology, that was not initially targeted. We help different manfacturing and service industry providers with,

  • Metal plating industry requirements
  • Overhaul facilities requirements
  • Laboratories requirements
  • Aircraft external cleaning processes
  • Car detailing industry
  • Bus, train, and boat washing
  • Solar farm cleaning requirements
  • In-home residential static systems with reticulated plumbing fitouts
  • Chemical manfacturing

The rollout into the Public Transport Authority, in-state has changed the way exterior cleaning is being performed. Purpose-built bus wash bays are delivered with Ultra Pure Water that is heated with Thermopure in addition that gives users and operators the edge. We were asked to target two main factors. Reduce soap usage from an environmental protection authority perspective, reduce water usage, and be reliable with low running costs and dry with a superior spot free finish.

The quality of manufacture and return on investment, has Ionic Systems, breaking new ground, with initiatives, development and processes not seen before.

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Last updated: May 31 2021



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