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SkyVac Industrial 85 – 3300 Watt will get you Working Smarter, Safer & Higher

Published: October 4, 2020

SkyVac® INDUSTRIAL 85: Three Motor at 3300 watt and 8000lpm is at SkyVac Australia and sold through Ionic Systems Australia today. Need one now call 1300 88 45 66

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As soon as the leaves and or the rain start falling, or our dry arid land put forward fire risks and preperation, the customers start calling!  So, make sure you have the ultimate gutter vacuum system, in order to power through the seasons gutter leaf matter and make the most of the autumn’s opportunities or readiness for fire preperation or just clearing those ever falling leaves from the wide range of Australian Flora.

Uniquely engineered and extensively field tested, for professional gutter cleaning; the SkyVac Industrial 85 is the culmination of 13 years of industry experience and innovation, distilled into one awesome system.  Innovation is at the heart of what we do and our passion for product perfection drives us! 

And when it comes to gutter cleaning and vacuuming, our vast experience has taught us a thing or two about improving the operator experience!  with big emphasis on safety. Getting the job done fast and efficiently, is only one part of your day, the rest of it shouldn’t suck! 

So, what are the five key features, that make the skyvac® Industrial 85, the ultimate gutter vacuuming system?

Industrial 85 PowerMix

Power Mix Lever:

For the RIGHT suction power for each job – at the flick of a switch.  Our unique patented “Power Mix” system, reconfigures the power supply from parallel to series, to deliver an unprecedented 150 Inch Water lift, which is +50% higher than standard 3 motor wet and dry machines.

Engage the Heavy Debris setting, for deep-rooted gutter growths and let the 150” Inch water evict those unwelcome weighty lumps of turf, from their home in the sky!   For every day clutter, the “light debris” setting, with its 10,000 LPM air flow, whisks fallen leaves and moss away.

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All Terrain Trolly & Tipping chassis: 

Whilst suction gets the job done, getting the vac from A-B shouldn’t be an uphill struggle.  The system’s robust tubular steel trolley, has been specially engineered and evenly balanced, to cope with the rigours of gutter clearing and the challenges of uneven ground.  So, whether you must navigate a full load up and down curbs, over grass, or across cobble stones, you won’t end up exhausted and frustrated.  Afterall, it’s bad enough having a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel…

And when it comes to emptying, there’s no balancing act to stop the trolley tipping over!  So, You can fill the system to capacity, easily navigate to a compostable area, lock the front wheels, and simply tip the drum to empty out the contents.  No more trying to balance on the base, to stop the vac toppling over.  

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Ultra-Lightweight Poles:

At just 280gms per 1.5m, our Elite Carbon fibre poles are light, locked and with a 50mm diameter, fully loaded!  Easy access to gutters up to 4 stories / 12 metres / 40 feet in height, all from the safety of the ground. It is so lightweight, that our poles are a third of the weight of aluminium poles. 

We’ve partnered with our manufacturers, to push the boundaries of what could be achieved.  We’ve trialled and tested countless carbon fibre grades and mixes, to achieve the lightest and most rigid pole possible.  Easy to lock together and take apart, thanks to the secure clamping mechanism, which eliminates the risk of poles getting stuck together, which can be an issue with push fit poles.  

And as if that wasn’t enough, the poles can be used for other high reach services, such as roof scraping and underside of gutter and fascia cleaning – so more earning opportunities!

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Vac Release Cuff: 

So, you’re cleaning a four-story block of flats and you’ve just pulled a massive 4ft snake of turf from the gutters – what now?  Do you look for a place to lower the poles, rush back to the vac to cut the power, all of this whilst wrestling with gutter clutter? Well, with the vac release, you simply find a safe space to let the turf fall and twist the cuff to release the suction.  Easy breezy. 

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Carbon Fibre Neck tools:

The rigid structure and secure locking mechanism of the Elite Neck tool holder allows access to those hard to reach gutters, that are beyond the capability of the standard silicone neck tool holder.   For valley gutters set back behind conservatories, gutters concealed by parapets found on historic buildings and churches, or directly overhead with tight access, the Elite system is the ultimate high access system, making it ideal for professional gutter clearing professionals. 

So if you’re looking to invest in a professional system, to take your business to the next level, then take a look at the skyVac® Industrial 85 and find out why this FEEFO five star favourite is a big hit in the industry.

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