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SoftWash Systems Available in Australia

From the largest manufacture globally AC lockyer and his team at Soft Wash Systems has entered the Australian Market.
Softwashing has always been here in Australia going back 30 years but never clearly defined. Pressure Cleaning and Washing companies would currently carry out pressure cleaning tasks with the addition of chemicals soaps and surfactants.

Soft Washing in Australia has begun to take a new turn with soley dedicated low pressure cleaning systems designed to protect you building exteriors by not using high pressure in the process. All we need to do is Softwash Australia and not Pressures Clean, this will have long term effects on maintaining your property surfaces and avoid premature aging.

Softwash Systems are one of the only companies to provide full training packages that can accompany your system purchases, that discuss through video tutorial such topic as,
*Duties of Trades Assistances
*Equipmnt and Plant Maintenance
*Safety, PPE, Environmental Law
*Techniques and
*Tools of Trade

There are many different module that make up complete packages and the systems are designed to be added to, in allowing company growth.
The core modules are Blend 50, Blend 100, Rinse modules and Pure Water Modules.

Softwashing in Australia is about to take a new turn and be a core business that will stand alone. Look out for our Roadshow tour dates,
Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne in August and September 2018.
For more information contact us directly in Australia
Ph: 1300 88 45 66
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