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Published: July 28, 2022

Midwest Softwashing Equipment enters Australia

Softwashing has been around since the early 70’s and has always been a method to be able to clean the exteriors of buildings both commercial and residential. The soft way of cleaning can have significant advantages if managed correctly with the application of surfactants and sodium hypochlorite.

The term soft wash technically means a chemical clean with lower pressures than a traditional pressure cleaner or pressure washer. Being able to treat mould, mildew and lichen, with a surfactant, as a wetting agent and the combination of this with sodium hypochlorite, released dirt and dissolves and treats the organic growth.

The questions have always been application, controlling overspray, limiting chemicals and controlling runoff. This is where Midwest Soft Wash solutions enter the equation. Based in the USA and with a mountain of experience in design and application. We have now become a Master Distributor, which enables us to bring the experience of application to Australia.

Adding Softwashing to your business can be a powerful addon, as a new genre or completely new business. We don’t just stop there, we like to offer complete solutions with all our brands combined. We call it MEGA BUSINESS IN A BOX.

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