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Your purchase options

Published: March 1, 2016

Getting your new Reach & Wash® System is a significant purchase, and it’s worth knowing what options are available to pay for it.

Option 1 – Pay Cash

You may have cash on hand with which to finance your machine, and unlike financing, you won’t have to make monthly payments or pay interest.

Cash also gives you a high degree of flexibility, meaning you can take advantage of offers that may be available, without being restricted to certain products.

However, there are other factors to consider. Is tying up cash within assets the best use of it? Would that cash be better deployed for marketing, promotion etc? Will a large cash purchase result in pressure on your day-to-day cash flow?

For these, and other reasons, many customers still opt for financing even though they have cash in the bank.


Option 2 – Standard Finance

You may, like most buyers, decide to finance your system and possibly a new vehicle over several years.

If you’ve decided to go for financing, there are several options available.

You could, for example, simply get a bank loan and pay for your equipment that way. The interest on that loan will be tax-deductible, and it’s worth comparing the rate you are charged by the bank against other options.

The alternative is to apply for finance through one of our preferred lenders, who will be able to provide competitive rates, especially for those business owners who may not be considered by the big banks due to lending criteria.


Last updated: November 5 2019

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